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  • Bi-parting Hangar Doors - by SpecDor
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  • Bi-Parting and Slide-To-One-Side Hangar Doors
  • Custom Hangar Doors - Trenton, Ontario.
  • Bi-Parting Hangar Doors

Spec-Dor’s full service design, search offers the contractor a true view of how
the hangar door will fit and function within the building.

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Spec-Dor's Premium Aircraft Hangar Door solutions feature:

  • 40+ years of experience in the door industry
  • world-class engineering
  • patent-pending technology
  • uncompromised reliability
  • dramatically low operating costs

Learn why Spec-Dor's expertise makes us the most sought after hangar door provider in the world!

We encourage you to explore our website and see our broad array of robust and time-tested proprietary technologies for Aircraft Hangar Doors and Industrial Doors. See photos and info about our processes for design, fabrication, installation and maintenance.

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Spec-Dor provides Aircraft Hangar Doors to leading global builders, including Bechtel, SNC-Lavalin, and PCL Construction.

Spec-Dor has developed strategic alliances covering every major continent on the planet.

Spec-Dor’s Specialty Industrial & Hangar Door Solutions are proven to lower operating costs by as much at 50 percent (see our engineering report.)

Worldwide clients include:

  • Major airlines
  • US Military
  • Canadian Military
  • Private Jet Manufacturers
  • MRO
  • FBO
  • Mining Industry
  • Private Helicopter Hangars
  • Private Aircraft Hangars

Spec-Dor's Mission Statement

To provide you excellent customer satisfaction and the best long-term VALUE!

We make energy-efficient, cost-effective, hi-tech hangar doors by:

  1. constantly researching and developing innovative technologies & materials
  2. providing customized, seamless end-to-end services via our i-cubed process
  3. and by making it easier for architects, contractors and building owners to integrate our hangar doors into their unique buildings.