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  • Bi-parting Hangar Doors - by SpecDor
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  • Bi-Parting and Slide-To-One-Side Hangar Doors
  • Custom Hangar Doors - Trenton, Ontario.
  • Bi-Parting Hangar Doors


Welcome to Spec-Dor's International Site

Over 38 Years of Hangar Door Manufacturing Experience!

Spec-Dor's aircraft hangar door solutions feature:

  • uncompromised reliability
  • minimized downtime due to mechanical failure
  • dramatically low operating costs
  • world-class engineering
  • patent-pending technology

Learn why Spec-Dor's expertise makes us the most sought after hangar door provider in the world. We encourage you to explore our website and see our broad array of robust and time-tested proprietary technologies for Aircraft Hangar Doors and Industrial Doors. See photos and info about our processes for design, fabrication, installation and maintenance. Remember to sign up for our email list! Welcome to our site.