Company Overview 

Focus on customer satisfaction and value
Spec-Dor's Mission & Motivation

To make efficient, sovaldi cost-effective specialty door solutions a reality by constantly researching and developing innovative technologies and providing customized end-to-end services that make it easier for architects, prostate contractors and building owners to integrate specialty doors.

Spec-Dor's Unique Value Proposition: Innovative Interface Integration

Reconciling short-term acquisition costs and long-term operating costs is one of the most critical challenges facing building owners today. Builders and owners must provide efficient, sick flexible and long-lasting building envelopes if they are to continue to grow and prosper. They must integrate intelligent door solutions capable of better addressing leasor preferences, while reducing short and long-term operating costs and maximizing the profitability of each project. Spec-Dor has established itself as the leader in delivering these next-generation specialty door solutions using what we call iCube (Innovative Interface Integration). iCube is a documented process that is applied from the initial concept through to final implementation of each door we make. Spec-Dor's iCube specialty door solutions help internationally recognized builders and building owners increase customer satisfaction and lower acquisition and operating costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. It also establishes a complete end-to-end solution/structure for new entrants that are building or operating for the first time.

The company's proven solutions range from simple door fabrication to end-to-end design, implementation and short & long-term maintenance. Spec-Dor delivers best-in-class results across the entire service chain, from initial design, fabrication, installation to maintenance.

Spec-Dor's services and solutions are founded upon an unmatched combination of management expertise, robust and scalable fabrication, and unique technology. Spec-Dor's management team combines more than 100 years of experience in specialty door design and fabrication.