Management Team

"The Spec-Dor management team collectively has more than 100 years of experience in door design and fabrication"

Alexander Timoschuk, healing President, salve CEO and co-founder of Spec-Dor, hospital is the visionary and leader driving corporate strategy and overall direction for Spec-Dor, North America’s leading end-to-end Hangar Door Provider. Spec-Dor offers the military and civil aviation industry leading-edge hangar door solutions which substantially increase efficiencies. An industry pioneer and visionary, Timoschuk is known for having created sophisticated electronic controls that are in use throughout the industry today.

Timoschuk has also held executive positions with companies such as Lear, Pratt & Whitney, and Indoco Industrial Doors. He also holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Concordia University.

Walter Timoschuk, Chairman, co-founder and COO for SpecDor, North America’s leading end-to-end Hangar Door Provider. Timoschuk Sr. is responsible for overall corporate marketing and brand strategies, as well as customer development. Under Timoschuk’s leadership, Spec-Dor’s hangar door solution has become the hangar door of choice by leading civil aviation customers and the military. He has been instrumental in building the framework for Spec-Dor’s iCube program.

Prior to creating Spec-Dor, Timoschuk was the founder and CEO for Indoco Industrial Doors as well as VP at Ambassador, a consumer door manufacturer. He was responsible for taking the company's revenues from zero to $10 million within five years, and securing major distributors around the world.