Hangar Door Features and Benefits




Detailed quote
Clearly described and specified
Complete architectural drawings
Precise integration with building envelope, buy cialis benefit of more than 100 years of experience
Detailed drawings for weather stripping, shop cladding, healing flashing
Precise instructions for builder
Girts within door structure
Support for siding. Space saving, thinner doors
Structural engineering stamp
Approved by accredited structural engineer
Detailed drive horsepower, traction and hardware calculations
The right motors for the right applications
Complete maintenance manuals
Make the door last longer with scheduled maintenance
Door drive designed for 100% wind loads
Longer door life
L-10 life calculation on all bearings
Longer bearing life
Proper operation and maintenance adds years to door life


HSS (hollow structural steel) modular panels, door section
50% faster installation, lower overall cost
ASTM A-570 grade B HSS steel
High lateral rigidity, architecturally aesthetic
No heavy lifting equipment required
Yields perfectly true and square doors
Easy sub-framing for windows
Or Conventional bolted structural steel construction
Compact shipping, lower air infiltration
Brush weather-stripping with variable height adjustment
Long life and lower cost when compared to flat rubber weather stripping
Double seals
Near perfect weather seal, very clean, save on heating/cooling costs

Top and Bottom Rails

Pre-assembled ground rails – factory welded to sleepers in 9 meter sections
Lowers install cost and allows precision installation
Rails supplied with splice plates
Longer door life
Levelling bolts and anchors supplied
Simplifies installation, lowers install costs
Pre-assembled top guides – factory welded in 9 meter sections
Lowers install cost and allows precision installation
Rail flashing
Better drainage, lower operating cost, precise door operation, longer door life, easier maintenance
Drain pits
Provides drainage
Pull pits
Provides easy access to heating cables for sill track heating
Sill track heating cables
Prevents rail gutter ice build-up


Heat treated chrome-moly bottom wheels
Longer wheel life, never cracks
Large diameter heat treated chrome-moly top guide roller with sealed bearings
Longer door life
Sealed roller bearing top rollers
Longer door life, low maintenance
Faster installation, more precision installation
Door stop bumpers
Safer, minimizes door stress


Variable speed drive
Safer door operation, longer life for motors
Pendant pushbuttons with mounting bracket and storage
Safer and more ergonomic door operation
Helical bevel gear reducer
Allows doors to be towed, longer life for gears
Inverter rated motors
Longer motor life, lower operating cost
Control logic controller, programming, software
Lower control cost
Flat cable festoon
Longer cable life
Ground level limit switches
Easier and faster to service
Warning horn
Added safety
Warning light
Added safety
Safety Edge (Miller Edge)
Added safety