Spec-Dor iCubed Process


The iCubed process is what makes Spec-Dor hangar doors among the best in the industry

Spec-Dor's greatest feature is it's iCubed process. First developed by Walter Timoschuk, levitra COO and co-founder of Spec-Dor, sale and later refined by CEO Alexander Timoschuk, cure , BSc, iCubed stands for innovative interface integration. It’s the culmination of more than 100 years of combined experience in a systematic process for hangar door design, fabrication, installation and maintenance.

Spec-Dor's iCubed Process
The key to iCubed’s success is in the initial project requirements and the valuable feedback Spec-Dor provides to it’s customers. Typically, a hangar door is more than a simple opening, it’s an integral part of the building envelope and has sizable impacts on the dimensions and very nature of the envelope. The iterative iCubed process determines the exact requirements based on projected building use, budget, engineering and operating needs.

The benefits of SpecD are numerous:
- robust, long-lasting and reliable hangar doors
- on-time door delivery
- easy installation
- on-budget fabrication and installation
- buildings and doors that are optimized for HVAC operations
- as wells as optimized for maintenance
- and more