Sliding Hangar Doors

Sliding Hangar Doors

SpecDor specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of all types of sliding hangar doors.  We study the plans for the building and the types of aircraft that need to be accommodated.  Important factors to consider are:

  • the height and width of the opening
  • the maximum % opening required
  • the climate of the region
  • whether the building has been designed with door pockets

All of these factors help determine the best choice of sliding hangar door.

Rolling Hangar Doors

A sliding hangar door can also be referred to as a rolling hangar door or bottom rolling hangar door.  This is a more precise description as the door panels do not slide, but rather roll on wheels fitted to the bottom.  These wheels move along rails usually embedded in concrete.  The main types of horizontal rolling hangar doors are :

Slide to one side Hangar Doors
Bi-parting Hangar Doors
Multidirectional Hangar Doors
Custom Hangar Doors