Bi-parting Hangar Doors

Features Summary 

Summary of bi-parting hangar door features:

  • Midway cost design
  • Side room required
  • No more than eight door sections recommended
  • Ideal for tailfin and fuselage openings
  • Mid-level maintenance cost
  • Simple controls

Bi-parting Hangar Door Plans
Bi-parting Hangar Door Plans

Features Details 

Bi-parting hangar doors part in the centre with half the blades moving to the left and the other half moving to the right. Side room is required on both sides to house the blades when the doors are open. No more than eight door sections are recommended, decease giving a recommended maximum of four blades on each side.

Due to the centre parting of the doors, cheap these are ideal for use where a tailfin or fuselage opening is required.

The costs are higher for this type of door than for a Slide-To-One-Side door as a Bi-parting hangar door is essentially two Slide-To-One-Side doors.  The two centre panels are motorized and both require power.  However, the controls remain simple.
Bi-Parting Hangar Door in Petawawa, Ontario
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