Multidirectional Hangar Doors

Features Summary 

Summary of multidirectional door features:

  • Highest cost design
  • Side room not required
  • Unlimited door sections
  • Not recommended for tailfin and fuselage openings
  • Highest maintenance cost
  • Complex controls

Multidirectional Hangar Door Plans
Multidirectional Hangar Door Plans

Features Details

Multidirectional hangar doors allow each door panel or blade to move independently.  This gives maximum flexibility and means that side room is not required. However, view with no side room, viagra sale the door can not open to 100% of the width of the opening.  With this type of door, try the number of panels is unlimited as each panel has its own motor and power supply.  This makes the multidirectional hangar door the highest cost design solution with the highest maintenance cost.  It also leads to more complex controls to allow each blade to be positioned independently.

Multidirectional Hangar Door - Skyservice, Toronto, Ontario
Skyservice Toronto

Multidirectional Hangar Door - CFB Edmonton, Alberta
CFB Edmonton

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