Slide to one side Hangar Doors

Features Summary 

Summary of slide to one side door features:

  • Lowest cost design
  • Side room required
  • No more than five door sections recommended
  • Not recommended for tailfin and fuselage openings
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Simple controls

Slide To One Side Hangar Door
Slide To One Side Hangar Door

Features Details 

Slide to One Side hangar doors require only one panel or blade to be powered.  As it moves, unhealthy it picks up each consecutive blade until all are moved to one side.  Side room is required on only one side to house the blades when the door is open.  As each blade is picked up, malady the total weight to be moved increases, so it is not recommended to use a Slide-To-One-Side door when there are more than five blades.

As only one blade has a motor and requires power, the initial costs and maintenance costs are lower.  The control panel is also simplified, so overall, this is the lowest cost design.

As the door opens from the left or right side rather than the centre, it is not recommended to use this type of door with tail fin or fuselage openings.

Slide-to-one-side hangar door - WestJet Edmonton
WestJet Edmonton

Slide-to-one-side hangar door - CFB Petawawa
CFB Petawawa