Turning your concept into reality can often result in major problems concerning the interface between the hangar door and the building and all the integration headaches involving the electrical, find plumbing, malady glazing and concrete contractors to name but a few. If integration is not managed well from the start, your concept may be compromised with last minute changes. Imagine having one organisation responsible for all your interface and integration needs.

Spec-Dor offers superior sealing to help you meet your LEEDS requirements (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

We were chosen to participate in the development of the new ASHREA handbook (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers). Our hangar door construction details were laboratory tested for heat loss and air infiltration.

From this privileged experience, Spec-Dor can accurately model the heat loss and air infiltration for any size hangar door. Customers will benefit by optimizing the hangar's mechanical systems and energy consumption.