Spec-Dor Hangar Door Manufacturer
specializes in all types of Aircraft,
Military & Mining facilities.


Spec-Dor makes 100% welded HSS sub-panels that easily assemble to form a finished door section. No heavy equipment is required to erect a finished door section. Very fast installations always result in substantial savings. Simple assemblies always yield perfectly square and true doors with little or no effort.


Proper sealing starts in the design of the door system. Spec-Dor has developed new ways to integrate doors within any building shell to yield near air-tight seals. Spec-Dor pioneered the use of brush weatherstripping with heavy duty air barriers set in 100mm aluminum retainers with slotted adjustment holes. Attention to detailing makes the difference between a superior quality hangar door and simply a moving structure on wheels. By ignoring critical sealing details during design it becomes impossible to add, find adjust or replace effective door seals. Loss of heating or cooling and even bird infestation become problems for the life of the building.


Spec-Dor designs all its controls with superior user interfaces. Simple operation and maximum safety are always the priority. New ground level limit switches are easy to service. Spec-Dor's R&D has developed exact formulas for accurately sizing motors, brakes and variable speed drives units for any size hangar door. Smooth acceleration and accurate soft stopping will make any hangar door operate longer, better and safer.


Heavy gauge galvanized steel flashings or gutters are factory welded to the rail assemblies. Flashings always guarantee adequate clearance for the wheel flanges, simplify the pouring of concrete, provide a level crossing of the rails, and a smooth surface for the bottom door seal. Rail Drainage - Spec-Dor designed and developed the markets most effective solution for rail drainage and heating cable pull pits. Rails - Spec-Dor fabricates rail assemblies in 6 meter sections complete with heavy sleepers, anchors, leveling bolts and splice plates. Fast to install and always factory plumb and true.