Almost all hangar doors are custom built to t a speci c job and/or site condition. It is our belief that the hangar door is the most important ele- ment of any hangar building. It is obvious that if the door does not work properly, the hangar is almost useless.

Designing a hangar door con guration or layout must be done in conjunc- tion with the hangar building structure. Both elements must be designed together in order to get the maximum cost e ciency. It is almost impos- sible to source two doors that will impact the building design in the same way.

Spec- Dor can help architects and building contractors o er a combined door and building package that would be e cient and economical.
We refer to this process as the I3 (I-CUBED) process. Innovative Interface Integration

Spec-Dor can help designers and contractors understand and coordinate the work required around the hangar door in order to reduce potential mismatches or installation errors.


  • Robust, long-lasting and reliable hangar doors

  • On-time door delivery

  • Easy installation

  • On-budget fabrication and installation

  • Buildings and doors that are optimized for HVAC operations

  • Optimized for maintenance

  • And more...