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Since 1972 Spec-Dor has established itself as one of the leading Specialty Door Providers to the construction industry. Spec-Dor’s leadership is based on substantial competitive advantages, including depth of management expertise, patent-pending technologies, powerful industry alliances, and proprietary engineering processes that accurately capture requirements and deliver successful results.

World-Class Management: Spec-Dor is led by a team of successful industry veterans and entrepreneurs that bring together talent and experience unmatched in its industry. Spec-Dor’s management represents more than 100 years of combined domain expertise and accumulated knowledge. Its members have managed the creation of more than 100,000 doors worth more than $250 million.

  • Aircraft Hangar Door

    No other Specialty Door Provider offers builders and owners such a comprehensive array of hangar door options. The company's unique specialty door process, iCube, enables builders to deliver intelligent door solutions for their building envelopes.

  • Aircraft Hangar Door

    Spec-Dor can deliver door solutions worldwide, on-spec, on-time. Spec-Dor achieves this coverage through established relationships with experienced local installation companies across the United States, Canada and around the world.

  • Aircraft Hangar Door

    Spec-Dor also leverages proprietary, patent-pending technologies, systems and processes that support its ability to handle large and small-scale projects with a high level of precision and quality.