When choosing your subcontractor for aircraft hangar doors, you probably have two factors uppermost in your mind:

Of course, see these two factors are linked as what may seem like a low price initially can soon escalate if it does not include a top quality service to integrate the doors with the structure and the various services such as electrical and plumbing.

At Spec-Dor we provide a turn-key solution using our years of experience and expertise, to ensure that the complete installation will run as easily and smoothly as possible. First time hangar builders will benefit from our i-Cubed process. Once you’ve worked with Spec-Dor, you won’t want to work with any other supplier for your large door installations such as aircraft hangar doors, bullet-proof doors or explosion-proof doors.

The i-Cubed process puts Spec-Dor in a central role throughout the design and construction process of any hangar. The skill of integrating a hangar door into a building shell has been developed into a process Spec-Dor calls i-Cubed. The name i-Cubed is an acronym for Innovative Interface Integration. The process involves pooling the multi-level experience Spec-Dor has accumulated from it’s involvement with hangar design, hangar operations, hangar construction and hangar door service.