SpecDor designed and manufactured the replacement hangar doors for Hangar 3 at St-John’s International Airport. This hangar houses the air ambulance, a Hawker Beechcraft King Air 350 which came into service in March of 2011.

SpecDor worked with distributor Overhead Doors (NFLD) Ltd, contractor Redwood Construction and consultant engineers Newlab Engineering Ltd.

Bi-Parting Hangar Doors

The hangar opening measures 150 feet wide by 28 feet tall with a tailfin door 10 feet by 14 feet. One electrically operated bi-parting bottom rolling hangar door was designed with 6 blades. Each blade incorporates two windows, 5 feet by 3 feet 6 inches, to accommodate Thermopane windows

Bi-parting Northern Configuration

A bi-parting Northern configuration was essential due to the climate in St-John’s where ice and snow are certain during the winter months  This configuration ensures that the hardware and bottom rails are not exposed to the elements while the doors are closed.

Rails and Rail Flashings

As the old doors had no insulation, they were much thinner than the new doors.  Hence, the old rails were too close together and could not be re-used.  New rails and rail flashings were installed.  Unlike some competitors, SpecDor installs rail flashings as they always guarantee adequate clearance for the wheel flanges; simplify the pouring of concrete; provide a level crossing of the rails and a smooth surface for the bottom door seal.

Weather Stripping

SpecDor’s designs use superior sealing to ensure near air-tight seals in any building shell. This is a major factor to reduce loss of heating and prevent bird infestation for the life of the building. Brush weatherstripping with heavy duty air barriers were installed.

Drives and Controls

Each of the two innermost blades was fitted with two 3HP electric motors. Each blade could be controlled independently allowing just one side of the bi-parting doors to be opened when required.

Heavy Duty Floor Bumpers

Electromagnetic braking is used to slow down the doors sections when nearing the end of the rail. Heavy duty floor bumpers were installed at the end of each rail to decelerate the door sections to a stop without damage.



Spec-Dor designs, check builds and installs a wide variety of hangar door retrofits for existing hangar doors.